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Pack of Coyotes Fatally Attack Dog Family’s Yard

A devastated Ohio family grieves the loss of their Chihuahua mix after a pack of coyotes attacked their dog in a fenced-in yard. The dog tragically died from injuries sustained in the attack.

Horrified family mourns after pack of coyotes fatally attacked dog

Police confirmed the death of a Bay Village resident’s beloved dog on Wednesday, Newsweek reported. The city’s police department offered public condolences through their Facebook page.  

“It is with a heavy heart that we must report that a local resident’s pet dog was attacked in a fenced-in backyard by a pack of coyotes. Unfortunately, the dog later died from its injuries,” the post read.

The department also addressed concerns from residents regarding similar events reported in the Bay Village area, a town thirty minutes west of Cleveland. The Bay Village Police Department and City Administration continue to monitor the situation, assuring residents they are working with Animal Control to find ways to prevent future attacks.

While the tragic incident that claimed the life of a family’s pet took place inside a fenced-in yard, coyotes generally do not attack dogs. If they do, dogs are usually off-leash or unattended. Police furthermore mentioned coyotes rarely attempt to “go after an animal larger than itself. Even small dogs often prove to be too much of a hassle for coyotes to deal with.”

Concerned residents demand action

While police emphasized that coyotes are usually not a threat to humans, they urged residents to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of small pets. Preventative measures included recommendations for ways residents could lower the risk of threat such as appropriate fencing and removing feeders that might draw prey such as birds and rodents. Despite these suggestions, some residents commented on the post, demanding further action.

“Swift action needs to take place to rid of these predators,” one comment read. “We pay taxes to live in this community and want our dogs and families safe.”

“We cannot allow this issue to continue,” another Facebook user said.

Still, the post clarified that coyotes are a part of the natural ecosystem and are unlikely to leave. Movement patterns may change due to several factors including season and development. As a result, the presence of coyotes in the area may increase.

“[They are] here to stay,” Bay Village Police Department Chief Rob Gillespie stated. “I would encourage pet owners to be cautious with their pets, with especially close monitoring of small dogs and outdoor cats. I would also recommend that homeowners not feed wildlife as this draws in larger predators.”

Last year, a predator prevention tool gained attention after going viral on TikTok. Crafted from Kevlar, the same puncture-resistant material utilized by law enforcement, these wrap-around pet vests feature short spikes encircling the collar to deter neck bites from predators, including coyotes or hawks. Additionally, the vests are adorned with vividly colored “quills,” designed to startle potential attackers with their bright hues and sharp points.

If you’re looking for additional ways to keep your pet safe, check out our safety tips for protecting your dog from coyote attacks.

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