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Oregon Dog Rescued After Falling 300 Feet Off Seaside Cliff

Coast Guard crew from Astoria, Oregon, rescued a Golden Retriever on New Year’s Day after he fell nearly 300 feet off a seaside cliff, CBS News reports. 

Officials said the 3-year-old dog, named Leo, was on a walk with his owners at the Ecola State Park on the Oregon Coast when he dashed ahead and tumbled over the cliff. Sadly, he landed deep onto a remote beach shore below.

Before the Coast Guard aircrew arrived, first responders from various fire departments were already at the scene setting up to save the stranded canine. Unfortunately, nightfall was approaching. For this reason, the aircrew was called in to facilitate the rescue, which was all caught on camera.

Dog who fell from cliff reunited with owners 

In the footage, the Coast Guard’s aircraft can be seen flying over the ocean. Moments later, one rescue swimmer descended to the remote shore.

Carefully, the rescuer placed the injured dog into a hoisting basket before the helicopter airlifted the pair off the shore. Shortly after, the aircraft landed in a nearby parking lot. Leo’s owners were already there, eagerly waiting to be reunited with their beloved pet. 

The rescuer handed Leo over to his relieved owners, who immediately wrapped a blanket around him as they hugged him. In a show of gratitude, they also embraced the Coast Guard rescuer.

Leo sustained a few cuts and bruises, as well as both a broken jaw and tooth from the fall. Additionally, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening pneumothorax and had to be admitted to an emergency vet.

Thankfully, Leo’s owners — who shared they’re “so thankful he is alive” — confirmed their pet has since been discharged. He continues to recover. 

Oregon authorities urge caution when hiking with dogs

KTVZ News reports the Cannon Beach Reach Rural Fire Department — who also participated in Leo’s rescue — urged dog owners to take precautions when walking their pets in that particular coastal area. 

“Although the coast is beautiful, it is not perfectly safe,” the fire department commented. Continuing, they added, “We’d like to remind everyone to keep their dogs on leash when hiking unless otherwise stated ‘Dogs Allowed Off Leash’ on the state park website.”

In November, a woman and her dog slipped down a 30-foot embankment while on another hiking trail in the state near House Rock Viewpoint. However, that’s not the only story drawing comparisons to this latest headline. In June of last year, a dog dad took his German Shepherd hiking. Similar to Leo, the dog fell 300 feet off a cliff in Ecola State Park. That incident also required a daring Coast Guard rescue.

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