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On Dog’s Last Walk, Community Says Goodbye

On a beloved dog’s last walk around the neighborhood, residents in a Pennsylvania community came out to say farewell. Neighbors gave the dog named Mellow — who was recently diagnosed with canine lymphoma — pets and treats during his final stroll in Dupont.

Neighbors celebrate the life of the beloved Mellow the dog

When the residents of Dupont, Pennsylvania, learned that Mellow had an aggressive form of cancer and wasn’t expected to live until June, they came together to support the beloved dog.

Kevin, Mellow’s owner, wanted to do something special for his cherished companion. He shared flyers with neighbors, inviting them to attend the pup’s final lap.

“My name is Mellow, and I have been living in Dupont since September 2019 with my owner Kevin,” the note on the flyer said. “You may have noticed us walking in the neighborhood twice a day, every day — rain, snow, or shine. Some neighbors may have pet me or given me treats before, while others I may only know through their own dogs that say hello to me as we pass by. Regardless of how well we know each other, you have made my life so much richer than any rescue dog could have hoped for. I am grateful to have such caring neighbors and live in a community that looks out for one another so well.”

“Mellow’s Last Walk Around Dupont”

The letter ended with an announcement. Due to the aggressive lymphoma, Mellow would probably be “leaving for doggie heaven in June.” His final request was to take to the neighborhood for one final lap.

To fulfill Mellow’s wish, Kevin organized a neighborhood farewell walk for the beloved dog on June 3. Loved by many, the pup could say goodbye to the numerous residents who knew him. A description of the walk and a map showing Kevin and Mellow’s intended route were also included in the letters Kevin distributed throughout his neighborhood.

KJ Warunek, a Dupont area resident, doesn’t live close to Mellow. She did, however, learn about the dog’s last walk from the community page she manages for the Dupont neighborhood.

“I run the town’s community page, and a member sent the photo of Mellow’s letter to his neighbors to be approved for posting. I was in tears when I read it and said to my husband Mark, ‘We need to go see him on his final walk,’” Warunek told People.

“There were at least 20 people on every corner of his walk to say their goodbyes. It was so amazing to see our community bond over a dog,” Warunek said. “The children in town were so excited to see this dog. Some even made signs that read, ‘We Love Mellow.”

Mellow also appeared to appreciate the extra love and attention. His tail was wagging the whole time.

Community shares the incredible story of Mellow the dog’s last walk

The story of Mellow’s last walk and the widespread community support spread far and wide. Warunek posted pictures from the dog’s final walk on the Facebook page Dogspotting Society. In a short while, the post accumulated more than 9,000 interactions.

“It’s truly amazing how one animal can bring the whole entire world together,” Warunek said. “I’m still in shock!”

Mellow the dog will be dearly missed.

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