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Oklahoma McDonald’s Makes Happy Meal for Terminally Ill Dog


An act of kindness by a McDonald’s staff in Oklahoma has touched the heart of a local dog owner and her terminally ill pet. Stacey Herriage is a PhD student at Oklahoma State University. She has been especially grateful for the compassion shown towards her dog Gooby, a rescue Dachshund, during a difficult period.

Rescue dog enjoys special meal thanks to local McDonald’s

Gooby’s journey started when she was adopted by Herriage’s family from OK Save a Dog rescue in Oklahoma, in 2018. Over the years, Gooby developed a unique bond with Herriage, characterized by a shared love of food and adventures. Unfortunately, in July 2023, Gooby was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer, leading to a significant decline in her health. Facing the heartbreak of possibly losing her beloved pet, Herriage sought to provide Gooby with as much comfort and joy as possible during her remaining days.

The situation reached an emotional climax the night before Gooby was scheduled to be euthanized. In a bid to give Gooby one last pleasure, Herriage fed her an entire bag of Cheetos. Expecting the worst the next morning, she was met with a pleasant surprise; Gooby had perked up significantly. This unexpected turn of events led the family to cancel the veterinary appointment.

Herriage decided to treat Gooby with a special meal during a drive to her mother’s house. At a McDonald’s drive-thru, she ordered a “McGooby Meal” tailored to Gooby’s liking. Her special order included a Happy Meal with nuggets (sauce-free), a plain hamburger without the bun, extra apple slices, and water without ice. Staff, upon realizing the meal was for Gooby, responded with an understanding smile. They even threw in an extra nugget for the beloved pet — per Newsweek.

Herriage’s Facebook post detailing this special experience touched many, resonating with those who have faced similar situations with their pets. Though uncertain about the time they have left together, Herriage is determined to ensure Gooby enjoys every last minute. “I have plans to take her for a coney, which is a hot dog with chili and cheese on it, when I get up there next time,” she said.


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