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North Carolina Man Arrested After Stomping on Dog’s Head


A 28-year-old man in Dunn, North Carolina, is facing felony animal cruelty charges for kicking and stomping a dog in the head and face. Enoch Braodnax made his first court appearance on Friday, Mar. 1, to answer the charges leveled against him.

6 pets seized from home of man arrested after he kicks, stomps dog’s head

According to CBS17 News, Dunn Police responded to reports from an anonymous individual of animal abuse at Broadnax’s residence on Thursday, Feb. 28. Responding officers investigated the incident and arrested Broadnax for brutally attacking his dog.

Although the helpless canine survived the potentially fatal attack, a veterinarian confirmed they sustained bleeding, head trauma, and bruising on the head and face. Currently, the dog — whose breed hasn’t been made public — is recovering from their injuries.

Following Broadnax’s arrest, authorities seized six additional dogs from his residence.

Broadnax’s chilling attack on his canine companion brings to light the unfathomable cruelty that innocent dogs can undergo at the hands of inhumane owners.

Animal abuse cases in the United States have undoubtedly exploded. USA Today recently reported that roughly 10 million animals die from animal abuse each year. What’s more shocking is that this number might be much higher, since animal abuse cases often go unreported.

Dogs, like every other animal, can’t speak for themselves in the face of abuse. This is why it’s important to contact relevant authorities if you witness or suspect that a dog might be undergoing abuse. It’s our moral responsibility to be the voice of these vulnerable animals.

By reporting any form of animal cruelty — whether it’s physical violence, neglect, dog fighting, or hoarding — you can save a helpless dog from suffering a terrible fate. Turning a blind eye to animal cruelty only denies abused dogs a second chance at life.

In the case of Broadnax, the anonymous caller made the right choice to report him because chances are, the dog would have died if nobody had intervened.


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