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New Siberian Husky To Become UConn’s Mascot


The University of Connecticut (UConn) is gearing up for a special transition as they welcome a new face to lead their mascot brigade. Jonathan XV, the 10-month-old Siberian Husky, is set to assume the role of the university’s mascot during an official “Changing of the Collar” ceremony. This event will take place during halftime at the men’s basketball game at Gampel Pavilion’s center court on Sunday.

UConn to name Siberian Husky Jonathan XV as new mascot

Jonathan XV will step into the paws of Jonathan XIV, who, nearing his 11th birthday, will be stepping down to enjoy a more serene, retired life. As the elder statesdog of UConn, Jonathan XIV will pass on the torch to his younger counterpart, signifying a new era in the mascot lineage.

UConn officials have been diligently preparing Jonathan XV for his new role. With regular training sessions and an emphasis on learning appropriate behaviors, Jonathan XV has been shadowing Jonathan XIV and taking cues from both him and their handlers from the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity.

With each day, Jonathan XV has been growing in confidence, especially with the support and admiration he receives from the UConn community during campus walks alongside his predecessor. “He’s truly a natural when it comes to games,” said Laura Centanni, co-chair of the APO’s Husky Committee.

Born on April 19, 2023, in Ontario, Canada, Jonathan XV came from a litter of six puppies — per NBC Connecticut. From a young age, he forged a close and brotherly bond with Jonathan XIV. According to Jenna Epstein, co-chair of the APO Husky Committee, “Jonathan XIV is such a role model for XV, and XV will have big paws to fill, but he’ll have the best teacher.”

With the whole UConn community eagerly awaiting his official introduction, Jonathan XV is sure to capture hearts and uphold the spirited tradition of the university’s mascot lineage.


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