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Neglected Dog With Neck Wound Rescued in North Carolina


A video depicting a dog chained and in distress in a backyard in Gaston County, North Carolina, went viral, following which the animal was rescued and given medical treatment. The dog owner is facing legal consequences. Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement was alerted about the situation of a black Doodle dog lacking proper shelter, sparking concern and action.

Dog rescued from rural Gaston County after video goes viral

The footage that brought attention to the dog showed him aimlessly pacing in his yard, amidst birds, with his fur seemingly in a terribly matted state. Upon being informed, animal care officers visited the property on Saturday, Feb. 17. They, along with a community partner, provided immediate relief to the canine in the form of a new dog house, comfortable bedding, and a fresh water supply, as per a news release, WSOC-TV reported.

Named Bentley, the dog was discovered to have a potentially infected wound on his neck, prompting officers to escort both Bentley and the owner to an emergency vet visit. The subsequent day, Bentley underwent a comprehensive veterinary evaluation at a full-service clinic. The procedure included sedation, thorough grooming, and treatment for the neck wound. Moreover, Bentley was administered an antibiotic injection and has been scheduled for a follow-up visit in two weeks.

In the meantime, Bentley has been placed under the care of a local resident, showing a positive turn in his previously grim situation. His former owner is now cooperating with the animal authorities. The case took a more significant turn on Tuesday when Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement, in collaboration with the Gaston County District Attorney’s Office, filed criminal charges against Bentley’s owner.

23-year-old Carl Lee Poston has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. Following his arrest, Poston was granted a $10,000 unsecured bond, as per jail records.


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