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Needy Dog Captures Hearts in Viral TikTok Video


A Great Pyrenees needy dog has found fame on TikTok after a video of them desperately begging for their owner’s attention in the most adorable way went viral. If there’s one thing this dog deserves an award for, it’s how good they are at pulling the cutest stunts to win our attention.

Watch this needy dog beg owner for attention

The funny video — shared by TikTok account @hoest — shows the owner in the company of his two dogs at a farm with Llamas. He shared a caption along with the video that reads: “Tell me your dog is needy without telling me your dog is needy.”

The owner first focuses the camera on the Llamas nearby, before shifting the camera to his two dogs, who are standing right beside him. Then, one of his dogs, a Great Pyrenees, starts pawing at him in the most hilarious way, as though having a “please-pick-me-up!” moment.

It’s obvious that the pup simply wants his owner to notice him. Thankfully, the owner did, and so did thousands of internet users, who can’t help but obsess over the dog’s adorable attention-seeking tactic.

The video, which was uploaded two days ago, has attracted 2.2 million views and more than 396K likes so far. As expected, the comment section did not disappoint. TikTok users rushed to comment, and we promise you that the reactions will leave you in stitches.

Watch the video below:

One user joked: “Llamas judging that dog really hard.”

Another comment read: “Great Pyrenees are the BIGGEST babies ever.”

A third person wrote: “Father, I beg you take me into your arms.”

A fourth smitten TikTok user shared: “Great Pyrenees need constant love and snuggles to survive.”

Dogs vary in so many things — their breed, personality, physical features, and much more. However, almost all dogs share this one thing in common: a desire for attention. More often than not, our canine friends tend to unleash attention-seeking stunts if they have unmet needs.


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