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Necropsy Performed After Colorado Dog Critically Injures Owner

Last month in Boulder, Colorado, a distressing incident occurred where a dog critically injured his owner due to underlying health problems that led to some “discomfort,” as revealed by a necropsy. The Boulder Police Department received an alert about the situation in the 3200 block of Palo Parkway around 8:17 a.m. on Jan. 28, following reports of a disturbance. According to Boulder Interim Police Chief Stephen Redfearn, the conflict began within the confines of the owner’s residence before escalating into the street.

Boulder dog who attacked owner was euthanized, necropsy shows chronic condition

The dog persistently attacked the owner, biting his arm even as he tried to escape outside, drawing the attention of concerned neighbors through his screams for help. Neighbors, including Shawn David West, took brave steps to intervene, with West using two kitchen knives in an attempt to subdue the animal. Another neighbor, Madeleine Gagne, joined in the effort to halt the aggression and provided aid to the injured man.

The police arrived on the scene to find the dog still aggressive and attacking — per Denver7. Dashcam footage showed an officer using his firearm to neutralize the threat after the animal attacked him.

The owner, severely injured, required urgent medical attention. Meanwhile, the dog, subsequently euthanized by Boulder Animal Control, underwent a necropsy. The examination revealed no signs of rabies or a brain tumor but confirmed the presence of chronic health issues causing the dog discomfort. Boulder Police are awaiting further toxicology reports and noted the absence of evidence pointing to prior abuse or trauma.

The Boulder Police Department has expressed its sorrow over the unfortunate event, extending wishes for the owner’s speedy recovery. “This appears to be a sad situation for all and we continue to wish the dog’s owner a swift recovery,” the department wrote in a social media post.

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