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Nashville Felon Shot and Killed Neighbor’s Dog with Stolen Gun

A convicted felon shot and killed his neighbor’s dog with a stolen gun in Nashville. The man is now back in jail because of the crime.

Noise complaint sparks argument

According to WSMV 4 News, the incident started with an argument over a noise complaint between neighbors. Markisha Beasley lives in an apartment building. Her upstairs neighbor was being noisy.

“Me and my girlfriend were just sitting in the room, and the people upstairs just started stumping real hard in the ground,” Beasley told the news outlet. “So I took a broom, and I hit back to let them know they were loud.”

The noise became more intense and persistent, so Beasley knocked on the neighbor’s door. The situation escalated quickly.

“She swung the door open, and immediately started cussing me out and telling me to get used to it,” Beasley said of the noisy neighbor.

Man shoots neighbor’s dog

Soon, a man in the apartment came out with a gun. Beasley’s father intervened, telling her to go back downstairs. Then, shots rang out.

“I thought it was my dad at first,” Beasley told the news outlet. “But my dad opened the door, and the dog was lying down here on the ground.”

The armed neighbor allegedly shot the family’s dog, Ace, who had followed the Beasley upstairs.

“The man said the dog had bitten his thumb off, but he was scared, like you can raise your hand up, and he would flinch,” Beasley said.

When police arrived, they found the gun involved in the shooting. As it turned out, the firearm was stolen. Also, the shooter was a convicted felon. Officers arrested the man.

But bringing the dog’s killer to justice isn’t enough for Beasley. She misses her best friend.

“My dog is still not here, so it’s not going to make a difference to me,” she said.

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