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Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Finds Pets Homes for the Holidays


A special effort is underway to find loving homes for some senior dogs from Bay Area shelters this holiday season, as reported by KTVU. As such, nine dogs of different breeds and sizes left the Oakland Animal Shelter on Monday morning. These dogs — all over seven years old — are bound for a place designed specifically for them. Upon their arrival at the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, they will receive a studio-style photoshoot. Perhaps more importantly, they will also undergo a comprehensive medical check-up before receiving any necessary treatment. To that end, Muttville will ensure the senior dogs are ready for adoption within just days of their arrival.

Rescue efforts for older dogs amidst shelter space challenges

Angela Ramiro, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue’s chief veterinary officer, emphasized the urgent need for assistance across nearby shelters. “This is the time we’re going to step up,” she said. Moreover, the director of Oakland Animal Services highlighted the challenge of adopting out senior dogs and the perpetual space shortage facing the area’s animal shelters.

“We have 80 dog kennels total, and we take in an average of 12 dogs a day,” stated Ann Dunn, the director of Oakland Animal Services. “We’ve already taken in more than 1,700 dogs and cats than we did last year when last year we were at our absolute max.”

Dunn shared that difficulties stemming from the ongoing housing crisis, as well as inflation, are leading to a surge in pet abandonment among Oakland residents. In the past month, the number of abandoned pets exceeded 300. In comparison, 238 animals were surrendered during the previous November.

However, Muttville is facing a very different challenge. The private non-profit animal rescue organization is actually in need of more senior dogs to cater to the current demand. Accordingly, the organization is able to fill a desperate need for overpopulated, over-stressed area shelters.

How Muttville meets demand for holiday senior dog adoption

Ramiro shared that Muttville has moved into the digital age, making virtual adoptions possible. Accordingly, this opens up opportunities to connect potential adopters to senior dogs, no matter their zip code. “They can shop for that dog online, and we have volunteers who can transport that dog to their home,” she shared.

In fact, volunteers have helped relocate pets from the rescue’s San Francisco home to destinations within California — such as Palm Springs — and even those as far away as Colorado. This arrangement benefits all involved parties. Arguably, that’s particularly true for the older pups who deserve a loving home in their remaining years.

“Senior dogs are extra special, and for someone who’s not as active, if you want a dog to sit on the couch with you or work from home with you — this the perfect dog for you,” Ramiro added.

The next Muttville adoption event is scheduled for this upcoming weekend. To give a senior dog a home for the holidays and beyond, you can visit Muttville.org for more details.


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