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Music Fan Brings Golden Retriever to Concert, Gets Called Out


We know you love your dog and want to bring them everywhere. Whether that’s a café or the ballpark, there are places and times appropriate for bonding with your pup in public. But one venue that canines should probably keep out of are big, loud concerts. However, common sense didn’t stop one music fan from bringing his Golden Retriever to a Motionless in White show over the weekend.

On Sept. 16, metalcore band Motionless in White performed in Scranton, Pennsylvania. One of the concert’s attendees was caught on camera carrying his Golden Retriever, draped across his shoulders, through the crowd. According to Consequence Heavy, the dog dad was in the pit, bopping his way to the barricade in front, mere feet away from the stage.

“Got a video because I couldn’t believe what was happening,” a user on the X — formerly known as Twitter — platform captioned a video clip of the scene.

Drummer calls out dog dad

While fellow fans seemed amused by the rocker dog, Motionless in White’s drummer, Vinny Mauro, was not. The musician called out the dog parent on social media.

“Seeing the dog in the pit at our Scranton show really bummed me out,” Mauro wrote on X. “And I wanna go on record to say unless your dog is literally deaf and blind and somehow also loves to be held in the air for 3 hours, do not bring them to a show, headphones or not.”

This prompted more dog advocates to weigh in on the social media platform.

“The person who took the dog needs to be found and arrested for animal cruelty. And maybe given a good kicking,” one said.

Another commented, “We watched the man walk the dog down to the pit earlier in the day and was shocked he was allowed to bring the dog down there, period. I was sad to see later that the dog was in the air and had no protection during sets so awful and unfair.”

This isn’t the first time a musichead brought their four-legged friend to a concert. Another dog went viral for sneaking away from home and crashing a Metallica concert. That band also agreed that “You definitely shouldn’t bring your furry friends” to metal concerts.


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