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Mumbai Pet Groomers Arrested for Punching Dog on Video

Police have arrested two dog groomers in Mumbai, India, after a video of them punching, kicking, and thrashing a canine repeatedly surfaced online. The sickening incident sparked outrage from animal activists and dog lovers in India. This prompted authorities to order the popular pet grooming facility to cease operations.

Dog groomers in Mumbai arrested for punching dog after video goes viral

A video captured two men — who are staffers at the grooming facility — hitting the 3-year-old Chow Chow, named Tofu. The owner had brought and left the dog at the facility for grooming.

News9 Live reports that one staffer launched blows at the canine as the other recorded and joined in the heinous act. The disturbing clip has since gone viral. Police arrested the two men, who are now facing animal cruelty charges.

Vidit Sharma — founder of an animal welfare organization in India, Save A Stray — took to social media to share the clip alongside a post condemning the cruel mistreatment of the pup, as reported by Odishatv.in News.

Sharma wrote: “Shocking incident at Vetic Vet Clinic in Mumbai Thane. Individuals responsible for such abuse should be behind bars. It’s imperative for proper background verification to be conducted before hiring grooming staff. This behavior is utterly disgusting — no pet should ever endure such treatment. “

Thankfully, officials confirmed the canine is presently in stable condition. Consequently, the shocking video has prompted pet owners to caution others against leaving their dogs alone with groomers.

One pet owner wrote online: “I would rather never travel if I have to leave my cat at some pet care without cameras for supervision. A horrific animal abuse video came to light in my hometown, at the hands of groomers of a popular clinic called Vetic Pet Clinic.” The social media user concluded by warning others, “Don’t leave your pet alone during grooming ever.”

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