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Most Dog-Friendly City in the UK Revealed


What is possibly the most dog-friendly city in the U.K. has been revealed. For dog owners looking for a new place to live and have dog-friendliness up high on their list of priorities, this article may be of interest.

What UK city is the most dog-friendly?

Brighton ranks as the top city for dog owners in the U.K.

This is according to researchers at Animal Friends Pet Insurance who used a variety of categories to analyze data to determine the top cities in the U.K. for dog parents. They considered factors such as the number of job advertisements welcoming furry friends, dog-friendly cafes and pubs, available green spaces, and beaches.

The second spot on the list went to Exeter. Other cities in the top 5 included Chester, Colchester, Bath, and York. U.K.’s capital, London, was not among the 15 dog-friendly cities chosen in this study.

Why is Brighton considered the most dog-friendly city?

The research by Animal Friends Pet Insurance crowned Brighton as the best city for raising pups for several reasons. The main reason is that it offers the most convenient beach access when compared to other cities. Additionally, the coastal city leads in the provision of dog training classes (118 per 100,000 people). It also houses 66 dog-friendly pubs and 22 cafes inviting canines.

Furthermore, Brighton excels in providing green spaces, with popular spots including Devil’s Dyke, Sheepcote Valley, and Preston Park. These are popular among local dog walkers enjoying leisurely strolls along the famous Brighton beach.

While Brighton emerges as the most dog-friendly city in the U.K. based on criteria such as beach access, availability of dog training classes, and dog-friendly establishments, it may not show the whole picture. It’s important to recognize that the assessment is not entirely scientific and may vary depending on different criteria.

Therefore, while it provides valuable insights, its scope is limited, and other factors not considered in this analysis could lead to different results. Ultimately, the best city for dog owners may vary depending on individual preferences and priorities.


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