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Missing Michigan Toddler Found Safe in Woods, Using Family Dog as Pillow

According to The Guardian, a 2-year-old girl made news after she walked away from her home while in the company of her two family dogs. The loyalty of these pooches knew no bounds, as they kept the missing toddler company throughout her little adventure. She was even found to be using one of the dogs as her pillow when she was discovered in the woods several miles from her home.

Family dogs accompany missing toddler into woods

The girl and her canine companions are residents of Faithorn — an unincorporated village in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The small community is located near the Wisconsin border, about 60 miles southwest of Marquette.

Upon the heartstopping realization that their child was nowhere to be found in their home, the toddler’s anxious family members immediately contacted the police. The call took place around 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Troopers from Michigan State Police’s Iron Mountain Post rushed to the family’s residence. For several hours, the authorities searched for the girl’s whereabouts with the help of remote drones and police dogs. However, they had no luck.

Citizens from Michigan and nearby Wisconsin joined the search, as per reporting from ABC News. Finally, an ATV driver spotted the missing toddler — safe and sound — at midnight, about 3 miles from home. What truly warmed hearts, however, was the situation she was found in.

Dogs prove to be girl’s best friends (and pillow)

The trusty canine custodians kept their young ward company throughout the experience. One of the family dogs had even voluntarily become her pillow!

Commenting on the wholesome encounter, Lt. Mark Giannunzio remarked, “She laid down and used one of the dogs as a pillow, and the other dog laid right next to her and kept her safe. It’s a really remarkable story.”

According to Giannunzio, medical staff performed a thorough checkup on the girl after her rescue. She appeared to be in good health and had sustained no injuries. Clearly, cooperation and coordination between government and voluntary agencies made this happy ending possible.

Community efforts go a long way in scenarios like this, according to state police. Of course, we cannot forget the true unsung heroes of this story: the loyal family dogs who watched over their adventurous little human.

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