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Missing Dog Rescued From Creek After Cornfield Adventure

A 10-year-old Basset Hound named Hannah from Ontario, Canada, made headlines when she went missing in her owner’s cornfield. According to the Miami Herald, Hannah’s long absence caused immense distress to her owner, Ruth Vanderlaan. Despite the heartache, Hannah’s dog mom did not give up hope. Luckily, the missing dog was reunited with her owner after being rescued from a creek on the property. And, in that moment when Ruth’s patience and persistence finally paid off, Tiktok users were able to join in on the celebration of the pup’s safe return.

Basset Hound goes missing in a cornfield

Ruth Vanderlaan, whose TikTok handle is @Vanderlaand, knew her precious pooch’s penchant for embarking on such solo adventures. Suspecting that Hannah might have followed a raccoon into the field, Ruth “didn’t give it a second thought.”

Given that, Ruth assumed that Hannah would return like she always does. As such, the dog mom carried on with her evening chores. However, as the night wore on and Hannah did not return, the mood started to shift. Ruth began to worry about her beloved senior dog’s fate. 

The situation grew more distressing as morning arrived. Realizing that Hannah was, in fact, lost, Ruth immediately posted about her canine companion. She also wasted no time in contacting the local dog catcher. Despite her efforts, no one seemed to have any clue about the dog’s whereabouts. Ruth grew increasingly desperate to reunite with her beloved pet.

“Now I’m thinking, she’s been outside all night, and that’s like your baby, but I just thought maybe since she’s an older dog, she got tired and curled up in the field and would head back when the weather warmed up,” Ruth said.

Ruth held on to hope against all odds. In a TikTok video posted on Sept. 22, she expressed her determination to find her missing dog. However, she began to hint at what could be a slim chance of success in doing so. Furthermore, the presence of wild predators added to Ruth’s growing concern.

“We have coyotes so I started to think the coyotes got her,” she said, while venturing forth through the thick cornfields. Ruth reached a creek and was just on the verge of accepting defeat when a small, faint bark pierced the silence.

Missing dog reunited with her owner

Following the sound of the bark, Ruth discovered Hannah about 100 feet away in the muddy and steep creek. The elderly Basset Hound was struggling to stay afloat, with half her body submerged in the water. Thankfully, Ruth’s neighbors rushed to Hannah’s assistance in time. They used a rope to pull the pooch from the banks, helping the missing senior dog reunite with her owner.

To prevent such an ordeal in the future, Vanderlaan has decided to invest in a tracker for Hannah. However, that decision had its own set of complications as well because her purchased tracker failed to work in the countryside. At this time, Ruth is still ascertaining if there is a more permanent solution to safeguarding against her dog’s adventurous inclinations.

For now, Ruth continues to reflect on her four-legged friend’s rescue. She takes solace in Hannah’s companionship, admitting that she “cried like a baby” upon their reunion.

TikTok users expressed their joy and relief in the comments as Hannah reunited with her owner. “Poor chunk chunk! I’m so happy she’s home,” commented one user.

Thankfully for this family, their story had a happy ending. Their heartwarming tale is one that attests to both the love and devotion that upholds the bond between dogs and their owners.

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