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Missing Dog Found on Remote Mountain


A hiker found a missing dog on a remote mountain in Summit County, Colorado, over five weeks after the pup disappeared.

Missing dog found 5 weeks after disappearance

Riley is an 8-year-old Sheltie. His owner passed away in January. His owner’s widower, Mike Krugman, now cares for him. Though the property where the two live features a 5-foot-tall fence, the area had heavy snowfall this winter. The snow was so high that it covered the top of the fence. So, on April 8, when Riley went outside, he managed to climb up and out of the yard.

When Krugman realized the dog escaped, he contacted Summit Lost Pet Rescue for help. Weeks went by, but Riley didn’t reappear. Then, Krugman received a phone call from the Humane Society of Summit County. Someone found Riley!

Soon, the story of what happened to Riley became clear. Apparently, Riley somehow made his way to a remote mountain, where a hiker found him on May 14.

Hiker saves missing dog

Zachary Hackett was hiking the mountain area but swamps and other moisture kept sending him off the trail and on random detours. After a while, he gave up, and turned around.

Then, “I heard the smallest little yip and at first I was startled cause you don’t know what is behind you,” Hackett told Fox 31 News. “Then I said wait a minute that’s a dog. There shouldn’t be dogs up here.”

By that point, Riley was so weak he couldn’t walk on his own. Hackett approached slowly, then realized he would have to carry the canine to safety. So he did – for a full 4 miles. Hackett even crossed the Blue River holding the exhausted dog. The hiker took the dog home and cared for him with his girlfriend. The next morning, the couple took him to the Humane Society of Summit County.

“It was hard for them to find Riley’s lost dog post because it had been so long,” Hackett said.

Dog and owner reunited

After Krugman received the call that Riley was alive, he picked Riley up. Then, he took the poor pup to the vet. Riley required an IV for three days.

“He was around 24 pounds before he went missing and when I weighed him at the vet he was 12.6,” Krugman said. “He lost at least half his weight.”

Krugman is amazed Riley is still alive.

“Someone had to be looking out for him,” he said. “Maybe it was my wife.

How to find a lost dog

This story highlights the importance of microchipping your dog in case they get lost. Also, read up on our tips for how to find a lost dog.


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