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Minnesota Firefighters Rescue Dog From Lake Superior

Firefighters in Duluth, Minnesota, recently rescued a dog who jumped into the lake near the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, reported St. Paul Pioneer Press. According to the Duluth Fire Department, officers responded to the call at about 6:20 p.m. on Dec. 7, following which multiple crews headed to the scene. Authorities later released a video of the incident.

Dog found using cameras and portable lights

As per officials, despite multiple crews, the rescue mission was quite challenging due to the large waves and darkness in the area. Moreover, the dog’s dark color made it even more difficult for the officers to find him. However, thanks to portable lights, cameras on the lift bridge, and the dog owner’s instructions, they were able to locate the pet.

Subsequently, the firefighters jumped into the water. Although they managed to grab the dog by his collar, they “were not able to do much more against the heavy waves other than help keep him from going under again.” Furthermore, the dog was “large, scared and was struggling, which added to the difficulty.”

Eventually, the officers were able to get into the fire department’s rescue boat along with the pet. Soon after, the dog received treatment for hypothermia.

“He had stopped shivering, was able to walk on his own and was wagging his tail as he jumped into his owner’s car,” Daniel Lattner, an assistant fire chief who was part of the crew that night, said.

“The Duluth Fire Department understands how important pets are to their families,” the officer stated in his report. “We have learned in the fire service that if we do not respond to help in these situations, bystanders and owners likely will take action on their own.”

He mentioned that in such situations, firefighters often end up “responding to a call for a person in harm’s way.” Continuing, he shared, “On this call, one of the notes taken by St. Louis County Dispatchers and transmitted to fire crews stated ‘The female reporting party is threatening to jump in.’”

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