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Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Winnie N Eeyore’ Sweatshirt Honors Pet Dog & Rabbit

On a laid-back Monday in New York City, Millie Bobby Brown was spotted embracing a casual yet chic look, accompanied by her fiancé, Jake Bongiovi.

The 20-year-old star of “Stranger Things” and “Enola Holmes” proudly sported a sweatshirt dedicated to her beloved pets — a dog named Winnie and a rabbit named Eeyore. The “Winnie N Eeyore Fan Club” sweatshirt featured adorable caricatures of both animals, showcasing Brown’s love for her furry companions.

Millie Bobby Brown wears cute ‘Winnie N Eeyore’ sweater featuring her pets

Millie Bobby Brown complemented her “Winnie N Eeyore” pet tribute sweatshirt with white pants and stylish black and white trainers, perfect for a bright afternoon in the city. She effortlessly topped off her look with a simple top-knot hairstyle and a makeup-free look behind dark sunglasses — per the Daily Mail. Bongiovi, 21, matched her laid-back vibe in a cozy gray and blue jacket paired with jeans and white sneakers, while affectionately draping his arm around her.

The couple’s outing came ahead of Brown’s Netflix project “Damsel,” slated for March 8. In this upcoming project, Brown plays a young woman trapped in a deceitful marriage, leading to an adventurous fight for survival. Promoting the film, Brown humorously shared a “Damsel survival kit” on Instagram, giving fans a sneak peek into her character’s resourcefulness, from using a crown as a climbing tool to opting for a knife for protection.

Besides her career, Brown openly expressed her appreciation for family, praising her fiancé’s family and revealing how they play a significant role in her life. Emphasizing the importance of family and her love for Bongiovi’s relatives, she also touched upon their shared taste in music and their laid-back, romantic moments together.

“I love his parents, I love his family. I am very lucky that they took time out to come and watch my move,” the actress told Extra. Brown also opened up about staying grounded amidst her fame, crediting her farm life in Georgia as her sanctuary where she finds peace and reality away from the spotlight.

As “Damsel” gears up for its Netflix release, Brown’s fans have not only her thrilling performance to look forward to, but also her ongoing endeavors that blend her professional achievements with her personal passions and grounded lifestyle as well.

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