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Michigan Woman, Dog Fall through Thin Ice


Caseville firefighters in Michigan demonstrated exceptional bravery and quick thinking on Friday, Mar. 1, when they rescued a woman and her dog who fell through the ice off Sand Point. The woman had attempted to save one of her dogs, who had run onto unsafe ice, resulting in her and the canine falling into the frigid lake water.

Rescue of woman, dog who fell through thin lake ice off Sand Point

Firefighters, Jared Maust and Tye Tennant, from Caseville Fire Department came to the aid of a woman and her dog, as per Huron Daily Tribune. The woman and her furry friend fell through the ice off Sand Point on Friday afternoon. The incident occurred when the dog ventured onto unsafe ice in pursuit of a bird, and the woman tried to rescue the canine. Consequently, the pet and the pet parent both plunged through thin ice into the lake water.

Huron County Sheriff’s Office released a statement regarding the matter. According to the statement, emergency personnel received an alert at approximately 12:45 p.m. The accident happened when the woman was walking her dogs along the beach. 

At first, one of her dogs broke through the thin ice while chasing a bird. Subsequently, the woman made an attempt to rescue her pet. Despite her efforts to retrieve the dog, she found herself unable to do so. 

In fact, she too fell through the ice into the approximately four-foot-deep water. 

Fortunately, she managed to climb back onto the ice. Shortly thereafter, Caseville Fire Department arrived with ice rescue gear. With their assistance, the dog was safely retrieved from the water. All individuals involved were successfully brought back to the shore.

A Scheurer Ambulance crew offered medical assistance to the woman, which she reportedly declined.

The swift response and heroic efforts of the Caseville Fire Department resulted in a successful rescue operation for the woman and her dog. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of caution and vigilance when venturing onto frozen bodies of water during the winter months.


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