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Miami Police Stray Dog Rescue Dog Program

Police officers collecting and caring for stray dogs is not something you see every day. However, officers in Pembroke Pines, Miami, are doing just that, CBS Miami reports.  The police department operates a unique program called “Pooches in Pines,” that reuniting lost dogs with their pet parents. In the case of abandoned dogs, Pembroke Pines officers rescue them and shelter them at the police department temporarily. 

Retired officer began Pooches in Pines in 2011

Angela Goodwin, president of Pooches in Pines, stated, “I just love animals; it’s my passion.” Motivated by passion and a heartbreaking story, a retired homicide detective decided to make a meaningful impact. 

She recalled the story about an individual whose dog got out while he was on vacation. That dog was then “sent to animal control, and the dog was unfortunately euthanized while he was gone.” Consequently, this incident led to the creation of Pooches in Pines, consisting of four indoor/outdoor kennels that are consistently full. 

Goodwin founded Pooches in Pines in 2011, during her tenure as a sergeant. Now, the organization is exclusively run by volunteers. However, Goodwin continues to oversee its operations, facilitating dog adoptions and fostering.

They found themselves overwhelmed by the number of rescued canines since COVID-19 took over the world. According to Goodwin, many individuals would abandon their dogs inside their homes upon eviction or tie them to trees. 

In addition, Goodwin ensures that every dog that they rescue receives excellent care. She explained, “They are fully vetted. They get a microchip, they’re spayed or neutered, they get all their vaccines and whatever medical conditions … they have.” She continues, adding, “We pretty much are, you know, within reason we take care of them as well.”

Pooches in Pines volunteers work across four daily shifts. Furthermore, they strive to secure a deserving home for each stray dog they come across. 

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