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Men Botch Dog Castration Surgery, Face Animal Cruelty Charges

Three men in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, are facing animal cruelty charges after performing a botched castration on a dog. The 2-year-old dog suffered life-threatening bleeding and had to undergo emergency surgery, which saved his life.

Unlicensed men who performed dog castration now charged with felony animal cruelty

The three men involved in the botched dog neutering include 68-year-old John R. Martin, 72-year-old Ronald E Hehnly, and Matthew B. Martin, aged 46.

According to Pennlive News, none of them had a veterinary license. It’s reported that John R. Martin performed the procedure on the Border Collie-Blue Heeler mix named Hemi. The other two men restrained the pup throughout the operation.

The trio carried out the procedure on the concrete floor of a barn. An affidavit stated that Martin “cut into Hemi’s scrotum and cut out his testicles without following proper veterinary practice laws and without proper pain management and/or anesthesia, causing prolonged pain and suffering to the said dog.”

This incident occurred in April 2023, according to officials. When the dog owner reported the matter to authorities, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) immediately began an investigation.

While recalling the incident, the dog owner — Virginia Siegrist — told the news outlet a friend referred her to the Martins for a cheaper neuter procedure. She explained that while there, two men administered what they claimed was a sedative to Hemi and then took him to the barn.

When they brought Hemi back, Siegrist realized her pup was bleeding profusely from his groin area. His gum and eyes started turning alarmingly white. Together with her husband, they rushed Hemi to an emergency veterinarian, who saved his life.

While conducting a thorough search at the barn, Pennsylvania SPCA investigators found several needles, syringes, testicular clamps, scalpels, and different drugs, including powerful pain relief opioids.

During interrogation, then admitted to performing “more than 20” neuter procedures on pets and horses. They will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Feb 20. If convicted, each will likely face no less than 15 years in prison.

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