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Man With Dog on Lap Drives Stolen Golf Cart Through Los Angeles


A Los Angeles man gave police quite the chase on Sunday night. Allegedly, he stole a golf car and drove it through the city, all while a dog sat on his lap.

Man with dog takes police on wild chase in stolen golf cart

According to Fox News, the suspect swiped a golf cart from a shopping center around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday. Ironically, the golf cart had the word “security” written on the side. The Los Angeles Police Department pursued the man, who was driving the golf cart barefoot and shirtless. According to KTLA 5, a “medium to large size” dog sat on his lap during the chase.

Officers attempted to throw spike strips at the golf cart to stop the man, but were unsuccessful. Though the suspect didn’t surpass 18 MPH, he was still able to get away from the authorities. He drove through a parking lot and around a building. As he entered another parking lot, a semi-truck, which was in the midst of unloading a delivery, thwarted his getaway. So, the driver abandoned the golf cart.

Police apprehend suspect and dog

Holding the dog, the man tried to run around the semi. Then, several police officers caught up to him. They got him onto the ground and handcuffed him. The whole ordeal, which ended around 9:44 p.m. near Oxnard Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard, only lasted 10 minutes.  

Police arrested the man, who was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. As police herded him into a patrol vehicle, the suspect shouted, “Don’t drink, don’t do drugs, be a better person.”

Officers leashed the dog and transferred the pup to the back of a police car. According to KTLA 5, the canine accomplice “was likely taken to a nearby city-operated animal shelter. The dog is innocent and not facing any charges.”


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