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Man Stands Trial Who Duct Taped Dog’s Mouth, Beat Him to Death

A South Dakota man faces trial after he duct taped his girlfriend’s dog and fatally assaulted him in July 2023. He pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty and received his sentencing. Shocking details reveal the man duct-taped the canine to bind his legs and muzzle before subjecting him to a prolonged and brutal beating.

South Dakota man faces trial after he duct taped dog’s legs and mouth before repeatedly beating him

A Mitchell resident is facing incarceration after being convicted for fatally assaulting his girlfriend’s dog in July last year, as per Keloland News. Aaron Hacecky admitted guilt to one count of animal cruelty. Reportedly, Hacecky was aware of the possibility of a two-year prison sentence when he entered the Davison County courtroom. The prosecutors highlighted his lack of remorse and attempts to shift blame onto the innocent dog. 

Hacecky used duct tape to tie the dog’s mouth and legs before beating him to death. 

Upon arrival, the responding officer found the dog, Buddy, in distress, struggling to breathe with visible bleeding from the nose. Subsequently, the officer removed the duct tape and transported Buddy to a hospital for urgent medical care. Despite efforts, Buddy succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the hospital.

According to the defense, Hacecky expressed remorse and personally apologized to his girlfriend, both in person and through a written letter.

His attorney stated that prior to the incident, Hacecky had been grappling with the effects of West Nile Virus. Additionally, he had experienced a traumatic encounter at work involving an attack by juveniles. 

Before delivering the sentence, the judge acknowledged Hacecky’s clean criminal record but emphasized the severity of his actions. The judge said he could not overlook the brutal nature of his conduct. 

Jim Miskimins, Davison County State’s Attorney, said, “Pretty shocking when you review the reports and review photographs and videos and other evidence…but we are confident we got a good result in with there being a conviction of a felony and there being jail time imposed.”

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