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Man Saves Dog From Coyote


A man in South Carolina recently saved his dog from a coyote, reports NBC affiliate WCBD News. Timothy Snipe was walking his pup, Roxie, a Chihuahua, when the incident happened. The canine started barking when she saw a coyote, following which she went on to chase the wild animal in the woods. The entire incident was captured on video.

Man bitten by coyote while trying to save his dog

Initially, Snipe wondered why his pup was alerting him, but he soon saw a coyote lurking in the woods. “[Roxie] started barking, and I was like what is she barking at.” Continuing, he shared, “Instead of running towards me, she ran towards the coyote.”

Subsequently, he went after the wild animal, who made a snack out of him. “The coyote jumped on me and bit me on my leg, and I wrestled it down, I choked him out,” Snipe shared. He then managed to grab the coyote by their tail and put them inside a dumpster.

Snipe added that his beloved dog would have died had he not intervened. “I knew I could’ve been alright, even if I would’ve gotten bit and gotten rabies or something,” he said. “But if she had gotten bit, it was over.”

Snipe later got nine rabies shots and said that from now on, Roxie will put on a coyote vest whenever she steps outside. He further expressed his love for his dog, saying he’d risk his life again if she was in danger.

“Once you get a pet they’re automatically a part of the family and this is my girl, this is our girl,” Snipe added.

Another similar coyote attack on a dog

In a similar incident, a man protected his pup from a vicious coyote attack in Massachusetts, as per WCVB News. That encounter took place in Jim Mercado’s yard, where he’ll never forget hearing his dog cry for help.

“He was right there at the bottom of the stairs,” Mercado said. Continuing, he added, “Just had him in his mouth, swinging him around like a rag doll. The dog was screaming.”

Subsequently, he grabbed a broom and hit the coyote on the head. He eventually managed to rescue his pet.

Coyote attacks on dogs can often be deadly. Hence, as pet parents, it’s important to make sure you stay alert while walking your dog outside. For instance, fencing your yards and getting an outdoor light outside your home are simple ways to protect your pet from wild animals.


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