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Man Jailed After Cane Corso Dog Attacks Three-Year-Old in Wales, UK


A 43-year-old man has been sentenced to a year in prison after his pet Cane Corso bit a three-year-old girl, missing her eye by mere inches. The dog attack took place despite Anthony Desmond receiving a prior warning from the police regarding the canine’s tendency to be dangerously uncontrollable.

Cane Corso dog attack on child results in jail time for owner

On May 26 last year, the large pet dog attacked the child outside a pub in Towyn, Denbighshire. Anthony Desmond was consequently convicted of being the owner of a dangerously out-of-control dog. This could have led to disastrous consequences, the court learned, as the little girl was close to losing her eye.

Desmond’s lawyer, Simon Killeen, argued that Desmond had constantly cautioned the young girl to maintain a safe distance from the dog, named Frank. Killeen said, “This isn’t an irresponsible dog owner.”

However, prosecutor Thomas McLoughlin recounted the terrifying ordeal which ended in the girl’s hospitalization. Following the assault during a family fun day, she was left sobbing and terrified. McLoughlin also recounted that Desmond resisted when police came to seize the dog two days later, saying, “You are not taking my dog,” and trying to shut the door on them.

Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones, while giving the sentence, emphasized the horrifying extent of the young girl’s injuries. The girl suffered two wounds on her forehead, one of which narrowly missed her left eye — as reported by BBC. Jones said, “She could have lost one of her eyes.”

Moreover, Jones brought attention to an incident in April when the dog had been spotted loose. Desmond had been issued a police warning about the dog’s control on May 21. Judge Jones underlined the responsibility that comes with owning and keeping a dog, emphasizing how serious a problem uncontrolled dogs pose in society.

“This offense is so serious only an immediate prison sentence is appropriate,” stated Jones. “A suspended sentence wouldn’t be sufficient punishment for what happened that day.”

Desmond intends to appeal against the sentence. Meanwhile, the decision on euthanizing the dog is still pending.


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