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Man Charged for Throwing Puppy from Third Floor of Missouri Hotel


A 44-year-old man in Jefferson County, Missouri, is facing multiple criminal charges for throwing a Pit Bull puppy from the third-story window of a hotel room. Unfortunately, the 3-month-old pup succumbed to their injuries.

Reports say the suspect, identified as Michael Lott, is facing animal abuse, property damage, and harassment charges. Lott has previously served prison time and has pending felony charges for other unrelated crimes.

Puppy dies after Missouri man throws them out of window

Court records reveal that Lott committed the sickening act last year on Oct. 7. As per FOX2 Now, Lott was in a third-floor hotel room with the puppy’s owner. The Pit Bull pup was reportedly asleep on their owner’s lap before an argument between Lott and the latter erupted.

It was then that Lott grabbed the dog and tossed them out of the hotel window. Tragically, the pup named Bitty, as per KSDK News, landed in the parking lot, sustaining severe injuries that led to their demise. Court documents say Lott threw the poor pooch with the aim of “causing the owner emotional distress.”

Furthermore, the probable cause statement presented to the court revealed Lott “showed no hesitation, second thought, or apprehension prior to throwing the puppy out of the hotel window.”

Consequently, Lott has been charged with first-degree harassment, a Class E felony that attracts a 4-year prison sentence, animal abuse, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by 1-year jail time and a $2,000 fine, and lastly second-degree property damage that carries a 6-month jail time and $1,000 fine, according to Leader Publications,

Commenting on the disturbing incident, Ella Frank, the Humane Society of Missouri‘s Animal Cruelty Task Force director, said in a statement, “It’s just heartbreaking when we hear things like this. It is important for a neighbor, a utility worker, a mail carrier, a friend, a family member, we all must remember we are the voices for animals. We have to take care of them.”


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