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Man Arrested for Dumping Dog in Trash

Police arrested a man in Florida and charged him with animal cruelty after he allegedly threw a dog into a dumpster behind a store, reports People Magazine. Workers at the Leigh Acres Family Dollar noticed one of the trash bags in the dumpster moving, following which they found the dog stuffed inside. Subsequently, they rushed her to a local veterinary hospital.

Dog in trash bag had a rope tied around her neck

According to a statement shared on Facebook by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the dog, Xyla, had a rope tied around her neck when the workers found her. Police later discovered surveillance footage showing a man arriving in a car and tossing a “bundled up” trash bag into the dumpster.

Further investigation revealed the 16-year-old Shih Tzu had a microchip and that her original owners had passed away. Officials eventually managed to track down the suspect, Anthony Bellman, after they found a vehicle matching the one shown in the video. Bellman is facing one count of aggravated animal cruelty.

“My promise to the great residents of Lee County will remain,” Sheriff Carmine Marceno wrote in the statement. He added that the police “will go to every length imaginable to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Continuing, Marceno shared, “Today, I’m proud to announce that justice was indeed served upon a selfish and cruel individual, who clearly has no regard for animals.”

As per the News-Press, Marceno said if the workers hadn’t helped, the dog would have died “a painful death.”

“Her last moments would have been like drowning from the inside out,” the sheriff added. Marceno also shared that before leaving his home, Bellman had told his family that he was taking Xyla to euthanize her.

The dog is currently recovering at the Lee County Domestic Animal Services. Marceno said after receiving medical treatment, the canine is in “great health” and officials will soon look for a home for her. “Xyla’s gonna get a loving home for however long she’s on this earth,” he promised.

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