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Malnourished Pocket Bully Dog Found With Bite Marks, Cropped Ears

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is investigating after a severely malnourished dog with several bite marks and cropped ears was found abandoned in Preston, United Kingdom. A member of the public made the heartbreaking discovery on Feb. 22 and informed authorities.

Abandoned dog found with bite marks and illegally cropped ears

The emaciated Pocket Bully dog named Moana is currently being cared for by the RSPCA staff, as per BBC News. Her protruding ribs presented a gut-wrenching sight for her rescuers. “Moana was in a very vulnerable condition when she was brought into us, she was clearly malnourished and very hungry, it was an upsetting sight,” Asleigh Kay, the RSPCA Ribbleton center manager, said.

The charity shared that Moana had “bite marks around her rear end and had grazed her tail and thigh.” Her cropped ears further exposed the cruelty and pain she had endured.

According to the Lancashire Post, Moana weighed a mere 16.8 kg (37.03 pounds). A vet who examined her rated her overall body condition a two out of nine.

Due to the severity of Moana’s malnutrition, staff are following a strict feeding plan as they reintroduce her to food. Thankfully, the charity has said she’s “making good progress and getting lots of fuss and attention.”

Moana didn’t have a microchip when she was rescued. The RSPCA is now working on tracing her owner, whom they suspect subjected Moana to cruelty and neglect.

“We can’t say with certainty what’s happened, but her welfare has clearly been compromised — particularly given she had cropped ears, which is an illegal process here — and we think the most likely scenario is that she’s been deliberately abandoned,” RSPCA Inspector Susie Michallef stated.

Despite everything, the charity is optimistic Moana will eventually make a full recovery.

“We’re hopeful she will go on to make a full recovery over the coming weeks and we’ll then be looking for a loving new home for her,” the inspector added.

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