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Majority of Denver Pets Not Licensed


The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment has raised concerns over the high number of unlicensed pets in the city, The Denver Post reports.

According to city regulations, Denver pet owners must license their dogs and cats once they reach at least six months old. Additionally, pet parents new to Denver are required to obtain the license within 30 days of residing in the city. 

However, despite the one-year license costing as low as $15, many pet parents have yet to comply with the license ordinance.

Why pet owners need to get a city license

Denver pet owners need to license their canines for several reasons.

  • To avoid fines. Those caught with unlicensed pets initially receive warnings. Subsequent violations can attract fines from $75 to as high as $200.
  • Ensure all the city’s pets are vaccinated. A pet in Denver can’t be licensed unless they have been spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated.
  • Tracking a lost pet
  • Funding operations of local animal shelters

Josh Rolfe, an official at Denver Animal Protection, noted that with a license tag, shelters and animal control officers can quickly reunite lost canines with their owners. He added that license tags are more effective than the standard pet microchips.

How to get a pet license in Denver

To obtain a license, individuals can visit the Denver Animal Shelter in person or complete the license application process online at PetData.com. However, online license purchases do not apply to Pit Bull dogs, as they must visit the city’s shelter in person to obtain both a license and a breed-restricted permit.

In addition to one-year licenses, the city offers a three-year license at $40 or a lifetime license at $150. Residents aged 65 and above, or those with service dogs, can get the three-year permit for free.


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