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Maine Woman Invites 100 Dogs to her 100th Birthday

A woman in Rockland, Maine, has decided to celebrate her 100th birthday in style by inviting 100 dogs to her birthday party. Avis Tolman, an avid dog lover, will turn 100 on Wednesday, Mar. 20.

For Tolaman, nothing will make this huge life milestone extra special more than a parade of community dogs in attendance. What’s more, canines of all shapes, breeds, and ages are welcome.

The 100 dogs are being invited to her retirement home

According to WGME News, Tolman will hold her birthday celebration at her retirement home. She considers dogs her favorite animal. Therefore, having man’s best friend join her on her big day means everything to her.

“Yeah, I love dogs,” Tolman told the news outlet. “They have some kind of spiritual connection with humans.”

Residents interested in bringing their canine companions over to Tolman’s celebrations are requested to contact the party organizer. Another news report by WGME reveals that the 100 approved canine guests will have a moment with the lady of the hour in two shifts. The first shift for Tolman’s one-on-one interactions with the first group of canines will start at 12:45 p.m. The other shift will commence at 1:15 p.m.

Moreover, other protocols laid out to ensure the canine-themed bash is a success include:

  • Dog owners who receive the approval to bring their pups to Tolman’s birthday celebration must ensure their dogs are well-trained.
  • Every dog in attendance should be on a leash throughout.
  • Each dog should be fully vaccinated, neutered or spayed, and in good health overall.
  • Puppies can attend the celebration, provided they are at least 12 weeks old. Just like the adult dogs, the puppies should be vaccinated, kept on a leash, and be in good health.

We can only guess that Tolman will enjoy every minute of her birthday celebration, all thanks to her four-legged guests!

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