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Lucid Air Unveils Pet Feature Similar to Tesla’s Dog Mode


Going on a road trip with your dog doesn’t need to be stressful anymore. Lucid Motors has unveiled an innovative solution catering to the needs of pet owners. They have launched Creature Comfort Mode for their flagship Lucid Air, drawing inspiration from Tesla’s widely acclaimed Dog Mode.

Dogs can ride in comfort with Lucid’s new feature comparable to Tesla’s Dog Mode

Tesla’s Dog Mode is a handy feature when you need to make a pit stop while traveling with your dog. Now, Lucid has introduced a comparable feature named Creature Comfort Mode for their entire lineup of Air electric sedans, as per Electrek. The feature prioritizes the comfort and safety of your dog during car journeys. Moreover, it is accessible through an over-the-air (OTA) update.

This functionality enables users to regulate and uphold the vehicle’s temperature even when they’re not inside. Pet parents can activate this feature by simply tapping the paw-shaped Creature Comfort Mode icon on the Pilot Panel touchscreen.

Upon activation, the expansive 34-inch Cockpit display conspicuously notifies passersby that Creature Comfort Mode is activated. It further indicates the imminent return of the owner. In addition, owners can conveniently verify the status of the feature and monitor cabin temperature in real-time through the Lucid Mobile App. This is also available in Tesla’s Dog Mode.

Additionally, if your furry friend is mischievous enough to roll down the windows, this feature helps you prevent that. It automatically disables the vehicle’s pedals and windows while active. 

The best part? Lucid’s latest innovation comes at no additional cost.

It can be a lifesaver for road trips with your dog when you need to buy snacks or go for a toilet run. You don’t need to worry about leaving your dog anymore, as it will make sure that your vehicle’s internal temperature is suitable for your pet in your absence. 

According to Lucid, the feature will remain active until the battery falls down to 1%. Furthermore, it will automatically disengage when you return and open the car door. 


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