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Loyal Dog Found With Body of Missing Colorado Hiker

A search and rescue operation comes to an end after authorities discovered the body of missing Colorado hiker Rich Moore of Pagosa Springs. Rescuers also discovered Finney, Moore’s Jack Russell Terrier, alongside her owner. Miraculously, the faithful dog was still alive.

Missing Colorado hiker found deceased

The Archuleta County Sheriff’s office reported the discovery of Rich Moore’s body in a remote mountain area this week, ending a nearly two-month search for the missing Colorado hiker. Officials recovered the body of the 71-year-old nearly seven weeks after he first went missing. According to officials, Moore’s dog remained by his side.

Against all odds, the loyal canine managed to survive. Moore and his Jack Russell Terrier were first reported missing after they failed to return from a hike up Blackhead Peak, a 12,500-foot mountain located east of Pagosa Springs, on Aug. 19. As per the Denver Gazette, a local hunter discovered the body of the missing Colorado hiker on Oct. 30 in the Lower Blanco drainage basin.

Devoted dog stayed by owner’s side

The next day, helicopters airlifted search and rescue personnel into the area to find, identify, and retrieve Moore’s body. Rescue crews also recovered the 14-year-old canine, who later received veterinary attention. Authorities reunited Moore’s family with the faithful dog.

Although Moore’s official cause of death is still unknown, a press release from the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office asserts there is no suspicion of foul play. Because the mountain is known for its challenging terrain, a number of factors may have been responsible for Moore’s passing.

According to a trail report on Summit Post, the typical route to the summit is roughly three miles in one direction. The standard summit-bound trail begins on the peak’s northwest side. While not considered tremendously difficult, the trail is very steep. The peak is located in the San Juan National Forest.

While a community mourns the tragic passing of Richard Moore, the survival of his faithful dog in such harsh conditions is nothing short of a miracle.

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