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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dog Gifts

Written by aslmad.yaz

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love, so why not show your furry best friend some extra affection this year? Dogs give us unconditional love all year round and deserve a little treat on this special holiday. Whether you want to splurge on a gift basket for your pup or create something homemade, we have great ideas for Valentine’s Day dog gifts.

Custom Gift Baskets

One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs is a custom gift basket filled with your pup’s favorite things. You can make the basket holiday-themed or simply choose things you know your pup is sure to love. Many companies let you personalize baskets with your dog’s name, breed, size, allergies, and more. If it’s last minute and you don’t have time to order one, you can also make your own. Keep it as simple as you like or go all-out. Consider treats, toys, and accessories like a bandana or a colorful new collar. With a little of everything, gift baskets make it easy to spoil your fur baby.

Valentine’s Toys

What dog doesn’t love a good toy? This Valentine’s Day, look for adorable plush or squeaky toys in fun shapes like hearts, flowers, or even little dogs. Not only will these bring a smile to your face, but your pup will delight in squeaking and chewing their new sweetheart toy. Just be careful not to get a toy too small or with parts that can easily tear off and become a choking hazard.

Tasty Treats

Close-up photo of homemade dog treats, a popular Valentine's Day gift for dogs, in a floral dish on a blue background.
(Photo Credit: © Jackie Bale | Getty Images)

Did someone say “treat?” We know your pup’s ears probably perked up as soon as you read this, and rightfully so! They make a great Valentine’s Day gift choice your pup. Many pet stores and local shops carry baked goods like doggy donuts, cookies, or peanut butter treats in festive shapes. It’s an adorable way to celebrate this romantic holiday. Just be sure to double-check ingredients if your dog has food allergies. You can also opt for homemade treats using one of our favorite recipes.

Matching Outfits

If you’re feeling extra festive this Valentine’s Day, you can always buy matching outfits for you and your dog. Retailers sell a variety of shirts and sweaters around this romantic holiday so you can twin with your pet. If that’s a little too much for your taste, you can also keep it simple with accessories. Alternatively, we also recommend getting creative by personalizing your own matching outfits. Simply pick up a few shirts from the thrift store, gather some craft supplies, and go to town! This can also be a fun activity to do with your kids. With your funky new looks, why not have a cheesy at-home Valentine’s photo shoot in your matching outfits? Capture some silly moments with your pup to immortalize your love.

Cute portrait of a Corgi dog lying on the floor with knitted hearts.
(Photo Credit: Nataba | Getty Images)

No matter which gift ideas you choose, your dog is sure to feel loved this Valentine’s Day. While we can’t help but want to shower our dogs with gifts, to our pups, quality time for cuddles and play is the best treat of all!

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