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Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Locked Dog in Flooded Hotel Bathroom


A 45-year-old man arrested for firing over 70 rounds of gunfire from a Las Vegas hotel tower reportedly locked his dog inside his hotel room’s bathroom prior to the shootings, 8 News Now shared. 

In the early morning of Dec. 31, Las Vegas authorities responded to multiple reports of “explosions” coming from the hotel. Upon arrival, they discerned the gunshots were emanating from a tower on one of the hotel’s highest floors. Immediately, officers began looking for the suspect, whom they later identified as Jon Letzkus, originally from Oregon. 

An arrest report indicates Letzkus flooded his room with water, locked his dog inside the hotel bathroom, and then embarked on a shooting spree. It’s alleged that Letzkus’s frustrations over his divorce — initiated by his estranged wife — pushed him to fire indiscriminately. 

Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Arrest of Las Vegas shooting suspect

Once in the suspect’s one-bedroom suite, police discovered the dog  — whose breed has yet to be revealed — in the locked bathroom. 

According to WPTV News, Letzkus’s room, including the bathroom, had multiple instances of gunshot damage, all estimated to be worth over $100,000. It’s still unclear whether the rescued dog sustained any injuries from the New Year’s Eve shooting.

Although Letzkus was nowhere to be seen by the time police were searching his room, authorities discovered a pill bottle bearing his name, easing their search efforts.

Soon after, they found Letzkus at a restaurant on the hotel’s property and took him into custody. During interrogations, Letzkus claimed there were people outside his hotel room who were trying to kill him.

He further alleged that someone flooded his room from the ceiling in an attempt to “drown him,” among other claims. In his defense, Letzkus said he resorted to shooting to get the police’s attention. 

Eventually, authorities charged Letzkus with 73 criminal counts related to property destruction and illegal gun discharge. During his court hearing on Wednesday, Jan. 3., the judge set his bail at $500,000. Letzkus is expected to appear in court again on Jan. 17. 


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