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Kylie Jenner Hires Dog Nanny for Her 7 Canines

Kylie Jenner has hired the best talent over the years to help ensure her thriving business empire runs smoothly, but she recently confessed her “best hire” at the moment is her new dog nanny.

In a recent interview with Jennifer Lawrence for Interview Magazine, the reality star opened up about various aspects of her life. This included discussing her current hire for her seven-dog household, down from the 10 she previously owned. Kylie revealed she now has a dog nanny on her payroll to help manage her big canine family.

Among all the Kardashian sisters, who are also proud dog parents, Kylie has the most canines. In fact, her furry companions already have quite a loyal following on her Instagram account where she regularly shares pictures of the pups.

Kylie’s canine crew

Lawrence couldn’t help but ask the beauty mogul a follow-up question that most of her curious fans were interested in having answered: “Why seven?”

“Because they kept multiplying,” a jovial Kylie responded. “One of them had children, and I had to keep the family together.”

Back in 2016, the Kylie Cosmetics founder took to social media to share that two of her dogs, the Instagram-famous Italian Greyhounds Bambi and Norman, welcomed two puppies. 

As reported by The Sun, Kylie had to miss making an appearance at the American Music Awards after Bambi unexpectedly went into labor.

She described the surprise birth of the two precious puppies by calling them, “The best accidents to ever happen.” This prompted fans to quiz what she meant by “accident.” In response, the Kardashians star simply stated, “I just wasn’t planning on breeding my dogs.”

Kylie demystifies her preference for Greyhounds

During their friendly conversation, Lawrence jokingly pointed out Kylie’s love for Italian Greyhounds. She asked: “Do you think that you have Greyhound dogs because they remind you of Kendall?”

Her response suggested that Greyhounds’ sleek and slender physique indeed reminded her of her supermodel sister. Confirming Lawrence’s suspicions, Kylie shared, “Yes, that’s part of it. I love seeing little Kendalls run around, and I think they’re just funny.” She added, “I was never, like, a Shih Tzu, Pomeranian type of girl.”

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