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Katy Perry Shows Off Her Dog’s Haircut


Katy Perry delighted fans over the weekend by revealing a stylish transformation for her beloved teacup Poodle, Nugget. The “Electric” singer took to Instagram to showcase before-and-after images of Nugget’s haircut. The pup is seen sporting a chic new look. 

Katy Perry’s Dog Nugget Is A Star

Katy Perry’s dog, Nugget, has made a charming new appearance on Instagram. As People reports, the 39-year-old pop singer shared snapshots on her Instagram story showcasing the before and after photos of Nugget, a teacup Poodle. 

The “before” photo captures Nugget atop an armchair, her curly golden coat appearing delightfully wild. On the other hand, the “after” picture reveals Nugget looking impeccably groomed, complete with a dainty bow around her neck. 

While Nugget may boast an internationally famous mom, she shines as a star in her own right. Nugget made her mark in 2017 by appearing alongside Perry in an advertisement for Citi’s Double Cash card. The dog even issued a statement about her role in the campaign. 

Her statement read, “I’ve traveled from stage to stage with Katy, but it’s time to take my solo career to the next level and ride my own wagging tail.” It further said, “I’m as happy as a hound dog chasing a gut truck to be launching this new campaign with Citi. It finally puts me on the pedestal on which I belong.”

In addition, Nugget showcased her talents as Perry’s co-star in her “Small Talk” music video in 2019. Within the video, both the pop icon and her furry companion engage in grooming rituals. The teacup dog wore pearls and a pink collar as she participated in “The Mutt Ball” show. 

Nugget garnered attention in 2018 for distressing reasons instead of cheerful. Perry’s assistant, Tamra, saved Nugget’s life using CPR. Tamra recounted the event in a clip shared on Perry’s Instagram story, explaining how Perry’s pet had jumped off the bed and become unresponsive. Subsequently, she administered CPR by pushing on the dog’s chest and providing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until Nugget started breathing. 


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