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Jesse Watters Slammed Over “Getting Rid of Dog” Remarks

Fox News host, Jesse Watters, is yet again facing major backlash after making an abhorrent remark on air, Newsweek reports.

In a recent segment of the highly rated Fox Show, “The Five,” Watters left his co-hosts and viewers outraged after stating, “We ended up getting rid of the dog that we got.” The segment was spotlighting ways pet owners can figure out what’s bothering their furry companions,

Watters didn’t clarify what he meant by “getting rid of the dog” because things “didn’t work out,” leaving many speculating that whatever happened to the pooch may have been inhumane.

While hearing Watters make controversial comments on air is nothing new to The Fiveco-hosts, this particular statement rubbed them the wrong way, given that they are all pet lovers. 

Co-host Dana Perino — who welcomed a new Vizsla puppy back in 2021 after the loss of her Hungarian Vizsla, Jasper — was taken aback by Watters’ statement, exclaiming, “Oh my gosh, Jesse!”

“Don’t say you got rid of it!” co-host Greg Gutfeld, who owns a Frenchie named Gus, called out the host. Jeanine Pirro, who has multiple dogs under her care, asked, “Where’s my dog?” Pirro and Watters once got two dogs from the same litter. 

Watters tried to explain that “got rid” is a euphemism, adding, “What? Well, I think we have to level with the American people.”

In the now-viral clip posted on the X platform on Monday, Nov. 14, by Decoding Fox News founder Juliet Jeske, X users didn’t spare the host, with many terming him as “evil” and “a dog murderer” as his statement sounded as though he had the dog put down.

One user wrote: “JFC Jesse Watters is pure evil. He said live on air, that he “got rid of his dog” because it wasn’t working out.” The comment continued, “He never said how he got rid of it. I’m afraid to know.”

Another simply questioned: “Jesse Watters what did you do to your dog!!!” An animal shelter volunteer also tabled her thoughts, saying, “I volunteer at a shelter. When people bring in dogs because they “didn’t work out” it’s traumatizing for the dogs.”

An upset Jeske shared another post on the platform shortly after the clip, expressing concern over the poor pooch.

“I’m hoping Jesse Watters will explain tomorrow that the dog he “got rid of” was sent back to the breeder, or she’s now with a new family,” the post read. “I don’t say this because I care about Jesse Watters. I’m genuinely concerned about the dog. I don’t know why he didn’t explain what happened,” Jeske concluded.

Watters eventually bowed down to pressure, addressing what he meant during his show, “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“I hope I was clear last night that I didn’t kill my dog,” he explained. “It’s a euphemism when you say it’s in a better place.” He concluded by asking viewers not to “take what I say so literally.”

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