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Jenelle Evans Accuses David Eason of Running Over Puppy


In a turn of events that has “Teen Mom 2” fans closely watching, Jenelle Evans has leveled serious accusations against David Eason, her estranged husband. The controversy that once simmered quietly on social media has now escalated, with Evans filing a court complaint accusing Eason of running over a puppy. This allegation marks another distressing chapter in the couple’s tumultuous relationship, further complicated by Eason’s history with family pets.

Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ claims David Eason ‘ran over a puppy’

The drama unfolded last month when Evans, a former reality TV star and mother of three, initiated legal proceedings to separate from Eason. Despite living separately since mid-February, tensions have continued to escalate, leading Evans to file for an order of protection against Eason — per The U.S. Sun. In her complaint, Jenelle Evans disclosed a distressing incident occurring in early February where Eason, following an argument, allegedly ran over a puppy with Jenelle’s SUV, resulting in the animal’s death. Eason’s teenage daughter, Maryssa, purportedly witnessed the event.

This isn’t the first time the couple’s pets have been caught in their tumultuous relationship. Previously, in 2019, Eason faced backlash and legal issues for shooting and killing the family’s dog, an act that contributed to the temporary removal of their children from the home by Child Protective Services (CPS). This event also led to MTV severing ties with Evans, marking a significant blow to her career and public image.

Since the latest incident, Eason has reportedly been residing on a boat, detached from the family home but still stirring controversy. Evans has cited the allegations of animal abuse as part of a broader set of reasons in her request for an order of protection for herself and her children. With history repeating itself, the family finds themselves in a familiar cycle of allegations, legal battles, and public scrutiny. As the case unfolds, fans and onlookers await Eason’s response to the grave allegations set against him, marking another chapter in the couple’s troubled narrative.


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