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Jack Russell Terrier Surfing Waves in Peru Captured on Video


Many people enjoy surfing, but how many dogs have you seen riding the ocean on a surfboard? Something similar was recently captured on video when a Jack Russell Terrier was surfing with his human companion in Peru.

Jack Russell Terrier surfing video

The video shows a petite Jack Russell Terrier wearing a vibrant yellow vest as he skillfully maintained balance at the bow of a surfboard. He glides atop the frothy waves in the Pacific waters near Peru, with the help of his owner riding alongside him. The duo makes an adorable and impressive sight.

Efruz, a four-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, is a familiar presence during these scorching days of summer in the southern hemisphere. The furry surfer’s owner, Mauro Canella, is a surfing instructor at the beach in San Bartolo, around 30 miles from downtown Lima.

Canella remarked of his dog, “He loves the sea.” He further added that he and Efruz started surfing together approximately a year ago. (via New York Post) However, interestingly, they are not the only dog-human pair catching waves off San Bartolo. This is a common sight on the weekends as a dozen more such dogs and their owners like to ride the surf together.

As the sun slowly sets, Efruz may start to feel the chill, but he seems to relish his newfound hobby. He enjoys positioning himself at the forefront of the board while Canella maneuvers the surfboard through the waves. It’s not easy for anyone to maintain balance on the surfboard, but this little canine does so with ease. It’s natural for aspiring surfers to feel jealous of this Jack Russell Terrier.
However, like all surfers, both pet and pet parents sometimes find themselves tumbling into the water when they misjudge a wave.

Nevertheless, their shared passion for riding the waves not only captivates onlookers but also exemplifies the unbreakable bond between humans and their beloved pets. This serves as a reminder of the joy and adventure found in embracing life’s thrilling moments alongside our four-legged friends.


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