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Italian Greyhound Puppies: Cute Pictures and Facts

Written by aslmad.yaz

Originating in Italy, Italian Greyhound puppies are a toy breed recognized for their short coat, long neck, and slender legs. These sleek canines are essentially miniaturized Greyhounds, specifically bred for companionship. They’re generally sensitive and friendly, and love spending their time curled up in a warm lap. Despite their small size, these dogs retain the agility and hunting instinct of a hound, coupled with a love for playful antics. If you are considering adding an Italian Greyhound puppy to your family, here are some interesting facts you must know.

They are one of the oldest dog breeds

Purebred Italian Greyhound puppy.
(Photo Credit: cynoclub | Getty Images)

The Italian Greyhound is one of the oldest dog breeds, with a history tracing back around 4,000 to 7,000 years. In ancient Egypt, these dogs were held in high esteem, especially among hunters. This was due to their exceptional hunting and tracking abilities. Remarkably, Italian Greyhounds retain these skills to this day.

Italian Greyhound puppies love to relax

Closeup of Italian Greyhound puppy sleeping on a pillow.
(Photo Credit: JTaI1129 | Getty Images)

Despite their exceptional speed, Italian Greyhound puppies favor relaxation over racing. They have the ability to outpace all other dog breeds but prefer to indulge in a nap instead of showing their full speed. Their penchant for relaxation has gained them the moniker of the “40 mile per hour couch potato.”

They react to the tone of your voice

Cute little Italian Greyhound.
(Photo Credit: claudiio Doenitz | Getty Images)

Italian Greyhound puppies have a keen perception of human emotions. They are especially sensitive to the nuances of your voice and can decipher your feelings accordingly. They can identify anger from the tone of your voice. However, a very soft and gentle voice may fail to convey your seriousness to them. So, while expressing anger, it’s better to use a firm tone but don’t be excessively stern otherwise you could scare the pooch.

They are well-suited for small apartments

Italian Greyhound puppies looking out from a box.
(Photo Credit: claudiio Doenitz | Getty Images)

Many individuals with smaller homes might think that adopting an Italian Greyhound puppy may not be ideal due to the misconception that these dogs require substantial space. Contrary to this belief, Italian Greyhounds — while long-legged — are fairly compact animals. They can thrive equally in spacious homes or smaller apartments, provided they are given daily walks. Moreover, it’s important to give them enough room during sleep, as they love stretching out.

They enjoy the company of other dogs

Two cute fawn and white Italian Greyhound puppies.
(Photo Credit: animalinfo | Getty Images)

Italian Greyhounds will do just fine as the only pet in a household, yet they tend to thrive better with another dog’s presence. Unlike other pups who might exhibit jealousy when another pet is introduced, Italian Greyhounds are pack animals and appreciate companionship. Having another pet at home can especially benefit them if they suffer from separation anxiety. In particular, having a playmate means they are not alone when their owner is away. As these canines don’t require a great deal of space, bringing a second Italian Greyhound home shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Italian Greyhound puppies are a wonderful addition to any family, with their playful, energetic nature and love for human companionship. These pups are highly intelligent and are quick to learn, making them a joy to train. While they require regular exercise and socialization, their adaptability makes them suited to both apartment living and homes with a yard. As with any breed, owning an Italian Greyhound puppy is a significant commitment, but their affectionate nature and lovable personality make the effort worth it.

Considering adding an Italian Greyhound puppy to your brood? Remember to adopt from a shelter or rescue!

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