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Iowa Police Shoot Dog on the Loose in Family’s Yard

Police shot a dog on the loose in Lake City, Iowa, last week. The homeowners who originally called the police to report the dog are shocked at the authorities’ response to the situation.

Homeowners call police about dog on the loose

According to KCCI in Des Moines, the owners of a home on Woodlawn Avenue called the police to report a dog on the loose. The dog was circling their home. Soon, the dog approached the home and sat beside the front door. The homeowners called the police again.

All the homeowners wanted was for the police to move the dog away from their door. The homeonwers’ own dog was in heat and needed to go outside.

The homeowners never fathomed that the police would shoot the dog, but that’s exactly what transpired.

“It was terrible. I started yelling at the cop. I said, ‘Why couldn’t you just Tase him,’” April Sondergroth, who called the police about the dog, told the news outlet.

Cindy Sharkey, who was also at the home when the incident occurred, recalled the tragic turn of events.

“The cop came out. And nudged him with his foot. Then, the cop walked down the steps. And the dog turned around him and followed him down the steps. And the cop just turned around and shot him,” she said.

Police department supports officer who shot dog

Police have a different version of events.

According to Thomas Steinborn, the Assistant Chief of the Lake City police, “The officer believed the dog was going to bite him. Due to the dog’s aggressive nature, he drew his service weapon and dispatched the dog.”

Steinborn asserts that the officer’s actions aligned with the department’s policy.

According to KCCI, the person responsible for the loose dog “admits her pet has gotten loose at times but says he was never aggressive and never bit anyone.”

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