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Influencer Dog Owner Spends $12,000 a Year on Designer Outfits, Food & Grooming

Christine Hsu Lu, a 32-year-old owner of a Nebraska-based digital marketing agency, is gaining media attention for the lavish lifestyle she affords her Yorkshire Terrier, which she shares on TikTok and Instagram. The influencer dog owner spares no expense when it comes to treating her pet, Ducky, to the finest in doggie couture, organic diet, and bespoke grooming services. In fact, she often dresses her canine in outfits inspired by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, as well as the global phenomenon BTS.

Yorkshire Terrier enjoys $12,000 worth of pampering each year

The influencer dog owner doesn’t hesitate to splurge on her pup’s glamorous wardrobe. With no restrictions on creativity, she is fond of buying high-end designer wear for Ducky from opulent brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, some of which come with a price tag of up to $2,990. Even though some criticize her lavish spending as excessive, Lu is strong in her belief that dogs should receive nothing less than the best care and love. She shares, “I always want to treat my dogs. They are the most important things to me.”

On average, Lu spends a sum of $1,000 each month on Ducky — according to the Daily Express. She pampers Ducky royally with weekly trips to the groomer’s and feeds him a diet of fresh produce from The Farmer’s Dog. Additionally, the fashion-forward pup receives a variety of outfits, snacks, and accessories, often sourced from upscale dog boutiques.

In 2013, Christine shifted from Nebraska to California and adopted Ducky. She realized that he was her destined pet partner. Ducky’s luxurious lifestyle has garnered significant attention on social media. Boasting millions of fans across Instagram and TikTok, the Terrier is nothing short of an online phenomenon.

Lu gives followers sneak peeks of Ducky’s high-end lifestyle, including designer pieces and handmade clothes, effectively showing the dog’s elite fashion sense. “No matter what happened in their previous life, they just want to be loved. They’ll never disappoint you,” she said.

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