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Influencer Dog Bao the Chihuahua Owns $2500 Wardrobe & Travels the World


Forget your average travel influencer — Bao the Chihuahua is a seasoned world traveler! This pampered pup, alongside his owner Xa Thi Ngoc Tran, has journeyed on luxurious adventures across continents, soaking up the sights from Paris to Mexico. Despite getting Bao during the pandemic, their jet-setting lifestyle only began in 2022, proving that good things come to those who wait.

Watch Bao the Chihuahua looking fine in an all-Chanel look

Bao’s first journey took him on a four-hour flight to Lake Louise, Alberta. Since then, this six-pound pup and his owner have ventured much further on their travels, Fox News reported. Xa Thi Ngoc Tran revealed the influencer dog boasts an impressive wardrobe of over 75 pieces of clothing.

In an Instagram post shared a couple of weeks ago, Bao was dressed up in an all-Chanel look. Watch the dog’s high-end look here:

According to Tran, Bao’s wardrobe is valued at $2,500, featuring luxurious items like a Chanel silk scarf, glitzy jackets, and cozy turtleneck sweaters. “Since he was a puppy, I’ve liked to match his clothes to my neutral aesthetic with trench coats and denim,” the owner said. She also disclosed Bao prefers a Hawaiian shirt when he is vacationing. 

While on a trip to Paris, the dog and his owner, who reside in Toronto, didn’t hold back and stayed at the opulent Hotel Louvre Saint-Honore. Additionally, they enjoyed a decadent meal at the historic Café de Flore and, of course, visited the Eiffel Tower. 

Tran acknowledges traveling with a pet involves additional expenses. However, she emphasizes it’s absolutely worth it for the unforgettable experiences they share. 

Bao’s Instagram account (@baothechi) came into existence three years ago. Tran began posting about her furry friend’s fashion-forward ensembles with an eager audience. 

Eventually, Bao’s jet-setting lifestyle garnered quite the following. Since accompanying Tran on their travels, Bao has amassed over 166,000 fans on social media. In addition, Tran shared that Bao thrives in the spotlight, and Tran herself cherishes the connection he’s built with his online community. 


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