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Indiana Bill May Overrule Local Bans Preventing Dog Sales

Indiana Senate is currently considering a controversial bill to override municipal bans on the sale of dogs in pet stores. At the heart of the debate are issues surrounding animal welfare, local control, and the regulation of breeders. The bill has sparked a fervent discussion among legislators, animal rights advocates, and pet industry stakeholders.

Indiana Senate considering bill to overrule municipal bans on pet stores selling dogs

The proposed legislation, HB 1412, emerged from a Senate committee. It aims to create a statewide standard for dog breeders to ensure they maintain high levels of care for their animals. By requiring pet stores to register with the state, proponents argue the bill promotes responsible breeding practices. Moreover, it also limits sales to dogs sourced from breeders and brokers compliant with a new canine care certification.

Purdue University is developing this certification program, although smaller operations may be subject to different criteria — per WFYI.

During a lengthy and intense hearing, opponents of the bill raised concerns over the proposed standards’ ambiguity and the potential undermining of municipal authority. Critics argue that the bill’s one-size-fits-all approach disregards the local ordinances crafted to reflect the values and needs of individual communities.

John Troyer, an animal breeder, voiced support for the bill, highlighting the challenges ethical breeders face due to unscrupulous counterparts. Conversely, Adam Aasen, a Republican city councilor from Carmel, where a dog sale ban is in place, criticized the bill for allegedly taking away local control without clear evidence that the state-mandated care standards would be effective.

Dr. Candace Croney, set to oversee the development of the certification program, hesitated to make the guidelines public. She fears that disreputable breeders could exploit them to appear compliant.

As HB 1412 progresses toward a vote in the full Senate, the outcome remains uncertain. However, it is clear that whatever decision is made, it will significantly impact the landscape of pet sales and animal welfare standards in Indiana.

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