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Increased Number of Dog Bites Prompts Changes in Texas


The number of reported dog bite incidents in various cities in Texas is at a record high. For this reason, city leaders have proposed the implementation of tougher policies to help curb the problem, which has, unfortunately, spiraled out of control.

Rising number of severe dog bite incidents in Texas cities sparking policy changes

Cases of severe dog bites in Texas have skyrocketed since the Coronavirus pandemic, as reported by News 4 San Antonio. In Austin, for instance, the number of deadly dog bite incidents in 2020 stood at 53%. As of 2023, this figure had shot up to almost 150%.

In 2020, San Antonio recorded a 126% increase in the number of severe dog bites that year. In 2023, this number reached a staggering 289%.

Evidently, these figures highlight the impact of aggressive dogs on the safety of Texas residents. In response, city officials in Austin have proposed a new policy that will prohibit the adoption of shelter dogs with aggressive tendencies.

“We have evidence that animals that had a serious bite history when they came into the animal shelter, would then be released and bite somebody else after,” Austin’s District 4 Councilman, Jose “Chito” Vela, stated.

Moreover, dogs involved in extreme dog bites in Austin will now face euthanization.

Just like Austin, San Antonio is also looking to enforce stricter measures to curb the dog bite epidemic. Currently, San Antonio is considering toughening its spaying and neutering policies to reduce the population of aggressive dogs.

“All of us are going to have to catch back up through spay and neuter and enforcement,” the director of Animal Care Services in San Antonio, Shannon Sims, said.

Why more dogs are biting and acting aggressively

The truth of the matter is that there is always a root cause behind a dog’s aggression.

In other words, dogs aren’t to blame for exhibiting aggressive behavior since the responsibility of raising a well-mannered pup solely rests with the owner. A dog may adopt aggressive tendencies due to various reasons, among them lack of socialization opportunities, lack of training, being subjected to punishment for unwanted behaviors, and pain arising from an underlying health condition.

When a dog owner plays their part as required, it’s unlikely that their dog will be a threat to other people and animals.


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