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How We Met: Brenda And Ubie From Fairborn Ohio

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How We Met: Brenda And Ubie From Fairborn Ohio – DogTime

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Human: Brenda

Canine: Ubie

Location: Fairborn Ohio

Type: Beagle

Our Story:
My fiance passed away in September 2004, and I was feeling so depressed I did not want to get out of bed. My children they thought I needed something to take care of. On Sweetest Day that same year (October 17), my children brought in this flea-bitten beagle, and OMG it was love at first sight. He brought me so much love I knew I would never be lonely again. Then 8 months later, my father passed away and so here I go and got another beagle. His name is Fibber. He and Ubie are big buddies and are treasured more than anyone could believe. They are my couch potatoes and that’s ok.


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