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How to Track Pet Using a GPS Collar


Nothing sends a dog owner into panic mode quite like realizing their dog has run off. Thankfully, in this modern day and age, there are technological devices designed to take your dog’s safety to the next level — like the Garmin GPS dog trackers.    

Investing in a GPS dog tracker gives you the best chances of finding your lost pet in case they escape to the unknown.

How do the Garmin dog trackers work?

Garmin has a wide range of GPS dog collars, each with varying specifications. However, these devices function pretty much the same. 

First, it’s worth noting that a GPS dog collar works together with a handheld GPS unit. In this case, the collar functions as the “transmitter,” while the handheld GPS unit works as the “receiver.” When your dog wears a GPS collar, the device will transmit your dog’s real-time location and even movement details to your handheld GPS unit. 

The handheld GPS unit will then plot a map showing your dog’s exact location, the direction they are taking, when they are motion, and whether they’ve stopped moving. 

Like almost all dog trackers, GPS trackers also have range limitations. For instance, Garmin’s  Alpha T20 K dog collar has a listed range of six miles. However, the best thing about these GPS dog trackers is that you can pinpoint your dog’s last location even when you lose signal. 

The handheld GPS unit will still show you the exact location where the signal dropped off. That way, you can rush to your dog’s last known location, which is better than not knowing how to proceed with the search after losing signal. 

Where to buy the Garmin dog trackers 

Garmin dog trackers — both the GPS dog collars and Handheld GPS units — are available on Amazon. 


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