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How To Find the Perfect Dog-Friendly Condo

We know there are many benefits to being a pet-parent. Are there really many things that bring greater joy than hanging out at home, happily content with your pup by your side? But sometimes finding this sense of peace and tranquility can be difficult for dog owners on the hunt for a new condo or apartment. This can be made even more difficult if you’re unsure where to start. Here are a few tips to help you sort through the options and get straight to finding the perfect dog-friendly condo.

Ask about the condo’s policies and restrictions

First thing first: be upfront about your dog. Being honest and specific about your dog can help you more easily navigate the process of condo-hunting. Inquire about breed, size, and weight restrictions. Some apartments and condos are open to having dogs but may have policies specific regarding certain characteristics. It’s always better to have the information you need to make sure your pup will be the right fit. Ask about pet rent, deposits, or other requirements associated with having a dog. You may also want to check if your pup needs to be registered with the management team. Not just for a record, but also so the staff can get to know your dog too.

Check out the amenities

Some of the best things dog-friendly condo and apartment living can offer are amenities. It’s definitely a plus that regular house-dwellers don’t get to enjoy. Just like having a gym or a pool is a plus for you, what other amenities are available for your pup’s use? If amenities are important, you may want to begin your search by finding condos that have dog parks, pet washing stations, dog walking paths, or play areas on the premises.

Scrutinize the interior and exterior

When touring a potentially dog-friendly condo, make a checklist of things that can ensure the safety and happiness of your pup. Are the floors suitable for your dog and can handle any accidents? Hardwood, laminate, and tile tend to be favorable options for dog-friendly condos. Keep a cautious eye out for any potential hazards, including balcony heights and open staircases. It’s also a good idea to consider the amount of privacy available, not only for yourself but for your neighbors. Can the walls help contain the sound of barking, for instance?

Assess the dog-friendly atmosphere

If everything looks good so far, it’s probably time to get a vibe check. Talk to other dog-owning residents about their experiences living in the condo. Are other residents, the landlord, or super friendly towards dogs? If you can, attend any dog-friendly events or gatherings to gauge the community spirit. You definitely want to make sure you’re living somewhere you and your dog will feel welcome.

Location, location, location

To begin, you may want to make a risk assessment of the neighborhood. Is the dog-friendly condo located near any busy streets or intersections? Is the traffic heavy or light? After assessing for any potential hazards, you can get straight to the fun part. Check out the neighborhood for any dog-friendly places such as coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, and parks. The availability of nearby pet-friendly social spaces can help make your new neighborhood feel like a place you can find adventure with your pup.

Making your new space dog-friendly

Now that you’ve found your perfect dog-friendly condo, find out how to spruce it up with these interior design tips.

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