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Houston Dog Mysteriously Dies at Pop-up Clinic

A Houston man is seeking answers after his dog died unexpectedly at a pop-up clinic, Fox26 Houston reports.

Gordon Atkins told the news outlet that he took his two 6-year-old Yorkshire Terriers — Spike and Bailey — to the clinic, which offered low-cost vaccines, on Nov. 25.

Unknown to Atkins, Spike — who seemed fine when they arrived at the Texavet clinic — would be pronounced dead minutes later. Spike had only been weighed before he died. He hadn’t been given any shot yet. 

A distraught Atkins, who considers Spike and Bailey his children, only wishes to know what exactly happened to his Yorkie.

Atkins recalls unfortunate turn of events  

Atkins said when they arrived, he took Spike’s leash off before a staff member put a different leash on him. The employee proceeded to weigh Spike before placing him on a table. Shortly thereafter, everything changed. 

“I just heard the lady say he’s not breathing, and I looked down, and my little dog was on the ground,” Atkins narrated. “He was bleeding a little bit and his tongue was sticking out.”

Atkins questioned the employee, asking, “The leash is on the ground, what happened?” Emphatically, he continued, “I’ve been here less than two minutes and my dog is on the ground dead. What happened?”

Atkins stated that a lady at the clinic handed him a card. Next, she directed him to rush Spike to an animal emergency room nearby. According to Atkins, the clinic paid for the ER services.

Sadly, the employee who assisted Spike returned to break the devastating news to the pet parent. His dog was no more. At this time, Atkins is still waiting for a necropsy report from the hospital showing the actual cause of his dog’s mysterious death.

Since the tragic event, Atkins and his daughter-in-law have been trying to get hold of the pop-up clinic for answers. They have yet to hear back from anyone. 

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